Neck and Shoulder Release


Learn five powerful pairs of acupressure points in the neck and shoulder area to help melt away tension in yourself and/or your loved ones. 

This is a wonderful introduction to acupressure!

Introductory Class


The Fundamentals of Self-Acupressure are simple yet effective techniques that can be applied to oneself or taught to clients for self-care.  They can also benefit the massage therapist or body-worker who incorporates these gentle, yet powerful techniques into their professional massage and bodywork sessions.

In this course, you will learn: 

  • the simple and effective Neck/Shoulder Release, and how to do it for yourself and others
  • Qigong stretching exercises: Pal Dan Gum (the eight silken movements)
  • Technique and point finding skills
  • Self care points to help relieve the tension and discomfort of headaches, backache, jaw pain, constipation, and nausea.

Acupressure Facial


Most of the acupressure points in the neck are part of a group of points known as "Windows of the Sky".  This course works with these and other face, head, neck, and shoulder points to release tension and facilitate the circulation of heaven and earth energies through the body, reestablishing the balance of "qi" and opening the flow of energy in the face and head.  This step-by-step technique includes forty face/head points, six pairs of primary points for basic neck/shoulder release, and ten vital hand points to assist the release process.  These techniques may be used for headaches, eyestrain, and jaw discomfort as well as neck and shoulder concerns.  The acupressure facial promotes a sense of physical ease and harmony throughout the entire body.  Body workers, beauticians, dental assistants, and laypersons will find health and beauty benefits in this course.

Basic Jin Shin Do®


This class includes an introduction to Asian healing philosophy and instruction on point location of fifty-five acupoints, including a bilateral five-point neck and shoulder release.  The segmental release method with emotional associations is also taught and practiced in hands-on sessions.  Also includes the study of the eight "Strange Flows".  These are the extraordinary vessels that help to move and balance the energy in our bodies.  Their functions for total body-mind balance are each discussed, with demonstration and practice in sessions that utilize "Strange Flow" release patterns.  A nice balance of information and hands-on experience!

Intermediate Jin Shin Do®


In the Basic Level of JSD you learned about the eight Strange Flows.  In this class you will be learning the twelve organ meridians in detail as well as the location and functions of sixty additional acupoints.  How does an imbalance of a particular meridian manifest physically and emotionally in our clients?  We will look at the traditional associations of each one and find out!  We will practice release of organ meridian tension using the local/ distal method.  There will also be an introduction to the emotional kaleidoscope.  A nice balance of information and hands-on experience!

Advanced Jin Shin Do®


In this class, you will receive an introduction to the "Five Elements" theory and the "Emotional Kaleidoscope".  As well, you will learn to:

  • Describe the"Five Elements" theory and its application to acupressure
  • Locate 65 additional acu-points in relation to surrounding anatomy
  • Demonstrate understanding of local-distal point theory using Source, Luo, Tonification, Sedation, Front Mu and Back Yu (Shu) points to relieve bodymind stress
  • Assess energic imbalance; identify key tension areas through pulse reading and point palpation