Debbie Pierro, Virginia Beach, VA

I have known Judy for over a decade. I have witnessed first hand the  brilliance of walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.  I have  observed her beliefs in action always reflecting cooperation and grace.   You see it's not what you believe that is most important it is what you let live through those beliefs that counts.  I have been richly rewarded with the bird's eye view of Judy's subtle yet powerful example!  The real treasure I have found in Judy Settle is her ability to inspire your own beliefs while teaching, instructing a clear path as an option!

Her teaching style is more an example of leadership.  She is clear and articulate, relaxed and knowledgeable in many theories but Asian Theory is her absolute link with all that is... all that ever was... and all that  ever will be.  Her intuition is spot on because she maintains a healthy balance as well as an obvious conversation with the Universe!
You  may not truly understand what you are reading here...but I tell you true this lady is your best chance/choice in even trying to understand  it!!!

In plain English, Judy Settle has extraordinary gifts and talents that she shares beautifully as a teacher, a therapist or any aspect of council that requires effectiveness, organization, attention to detail,  flexibility, authenticity, integrity around every corner, courage,  wisdom, the ability to face what is and share the truth ~
Working  with Judy Settle will most certainly strengthen your resolve, she will help you explore the many possibilities for the solution that works best for you to implement, to impact a beneficial result, she will give you undivided attention to every detail to positively impact the moment  creating a lasting change.  

Every  journey begins with the first step.  Whatever choice you have to live a  better more well rounded life, will only be enhanced by working with and associating with this most beautiful soul named Judy Settle.  You gain to learn, grow and be happier in your life in the presence of anyone who has mastered being in the moment.  Judy is a master.


Marylou Riche, Virginia Beach, VA

I first  met Judy Settle in 2007.  I was a student at the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage, and Judy taught two of my classes.  After I graduated from the school, I continued to take classes with Judy in Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®. 

Judy is an excellent instructor.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her subjects, and she presents her material in a logical and easy to learn manner.  I greatly enjoyed the classes I took with Judy.  The material  was always interesting and very relevant.

I began going to see Judy on a regular basis in a therapeutic setting for Jin Shin Do® sessions in 2009.  I have had several hundred  sessions with Judy, and after each one, I always felt renewed and totally relaxed.  Her knowledge of acupressure is impressive, and any  time I had an issue when I went to see her, she knew exactly which meridians and points to focus on.

On a personal level, I find Judy to be honest, reliable, flexible, interesting, full of joy, and extremely fun to be around.

If  you are reading this, then perhaps you are considering seeking Judy's services as a teacher, a therapist, a mentor, or a volunteer.  It is my personal opinion that Judy will excel at all things that she ventures into.  I, along with everyone who has had the pleasure to meet her since her arrival in Virginia Beach, will miss having Judy near us.


Juliebeth Mezzy, Virginia Beach, VA

In 2004  Judy was a student at the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage.  I was,  and am currently an instructor there.  Over the years our relationship  grew from student to teacher to friend.

I  can say that as a student she was committed to learning a new modality.   It was a long time ago but I'm certain there was perfect attendance,  assignments always turned in and most importantly, her presence in class was always positive.  I believe her class had a unique dynamic because of her presence.  I know she encouraged her classmates to present all of the instructors with "a kind word or two" at graduation.  This "kind  word" document was simply a piece of paper that all the students wrote a  kind word or two about the instructor.  To this day, I refer to this  paper often.  I see it every day.

Judy Settle, my teacher.  What an amazing sense of calm you have when you are in her classroom. Judy taught me Reiki.  Judy taught me the basic of  Jin Shin Do®. She is organized beyond belief with teaching manuals and power points and such.  She has stories and testimonials of her work  that make learning more fun and functional.  She is an expert in her field.

The  real magic happens when you lay down on her treatment table.  As a  practitioner, she is so knowledgeable in her craft, that every question I ever asked was always answered.  I always felt better after a session.   I had the great fortune to exchange sessions with Judy.  I gave her Reflexology and she gave me Jin Shin Do®.  I think we were often amazed at how closely interwoven these modalities are and we could explain things to each other that made sense, perhaps only to us.

My friend.  I cannot express without emotion. I miss her calm which carries over to all aspects of her life.  I strive for this calm that she exudes.  "It's just information", she would say.  Those three words  have been in my head for many years.

These  statements are simply the highlights.  I would recommend Judy on any  level in any circumstance.  She is just a great person whom everyone  loves.


John Fisher, Greensboro, NC

I  first met Judy in November of 2013 as my teacher for an introductory  course in 

Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®.  After 3 years of  study with Judy as a mentor, I'm delighted to count her as one of the most dedicated, effective, and open teachers, I've studied with over several careers.  She has always made the extra effort to share her knowledge with an enthusiasm that is catching.  Now, as an active Jin  Shin Do® Practitioner, I truly feel fortunate to have learned so much from Judy.  She even managed to make learning fun, which for me is one of the best qualities any teacher could have.

It's easy to say with confidence that anyone who employs Judy will benefit  from her numerous talents that come with an understated humility and  warmth.  She will be missed in the Virginia Beach area, but will surely be a much valued benefit for Nova Scotia.


Virginia James, Virginia Beach, VA

This  letter is written on behalf of Judy Settle, as a testimonial to her work as a massage therapist.  I have known Judy for several years  through a mutual acquaintance and as one of her clients for about two  years.  She is an exceptional person whose personality flows into her practice which is why she is also an exceptional therapist.

Judy has a holistic approach to massage therapy that comes from her broad educational background both as a teacher, trainer and as a student.  She has an amazing knowledge of the human body and how all of its systems are interconnected and therefore need to be treated with a variety of  approaches.  I always left our sessions with less pain or stress and more positive energy than when I arrived.

Not  only has Judy treated my aching back with great care but she has taught  me to read my own body to understand the precursors that lead to the pain in the first place.  It always amazes me that for as gentle a touch as Judy has, she always manages to reach to the depth of the areas that need work. 

Her explanations and our pre and post session discussions  have helped me understand my body's energy flow and how to keep it positive.  When I travel and in between appointments I have learned how to check my meridians and make needed corrections in order to keep up my energy and keep my systems working well.  Perhaps not all of Judy's clients question her about all that she does, but I have found that her willingness to talk about her practice and what she reads in my body has helped me to be proactive in taking care of myself.  She is always willing to take that extra step for a client.  So I am sad to see her go, but I share her happiness for what lies ahead.

Judy's  departure from Virginia Beach is a loss to the community both to her clients and to those students she teaches and continues to train. She  will be greatly missed but our loss will end up being someone else's great gain.  Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts about this  wonderful person.

Ana Maria Siccardi, Castleton, VA

When talking about Judith as a teacher, I can say that I have several college degrees and I have NEVER in my life had such an excellent  teacher - she is very patient, very clear in her teaching, presents very rich materials, is very organized in her teaching, very focused, and so good at answering questions and managing the whole class; it is just  amazing!  It is a pleasure to take classes with her.  She ALWAYS has a  beautiful smile, with a very peaceful voice, wonderful positive energy  at all times and is very knowledgeable in her subject.

Judith, as a therapist, is wonderful; her treatments have been very powerful for me, very profound.  She truly has helped me as a practitioner to make wonderful life changes.  I am going to miss her teachings and treatments!!!

Judith has over the past 5 years been my teacher in Jin Shin Do®.  During  those years I learned so many more things than Jin Shin Do® with her -  she taught me kindness, humbleness, friendship, trust, loyalty,  patience, love and I could go on and on and on with all that I have  learned with her.



Katrin Schulz, Hennef, Germany

My name is Katrin Schulz and I am a Jin Shin Do® Advanced Teacher and the JSDF Area Coordinator for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Europe.

As a physical therapist and alternative practitioner, I have been a student of Judy Settle at the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA from 2010 to 2012 and her assistant teacher from 2012 to 2014.

As a teacher and mentor Judy is a very inspiring person.  Her deep knowledge of the acupressure points (location and functions) as well as Asian theory is remarkable.  It has always been a real pleasure attending her classes and following her lectures.

Judy is a very calm and thoughtful teacher who knows how to motivate students and to bring out the best in everyone.  Her classes are very structured and organized and her teaching materials are excellent and well prepared.

When I had finished my training to become a Registered Jin Shin Do® practitioner, it was because of Judy's excellent teaching skills that I decided to continue my training to become a Jin Shin Do® teacher.

After passing my exam in 2012, I have been assisting Judy at the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage with the teaching of Jin Shin Do® Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes and she has been a very inspiring mentor to me along the way.

All Future students can be very thankful to have her as a teacher and instructor.

I feel very honored for having met Judy and I wish her all the best for the future.

Katrin Schulz


Matt Brennan, Virginia Beach, VA

I have known Judy Settle since 2011 when I arrived at the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage.  The classes were Asian Theory and Jin Shin Do® acupressure.  I became immediately interested in the subjects.  Judy has a way of teaching that makes me want to be at my best.  Inspirational.  I also ended up assisting Judy with the Reiki classes that she also teaches.  Judy is loved here in Virginia Beach and will be missed by everyone who's ever been around her presence.


John Law, Chesapeake, VA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your rich healing ministrations.  Having prepared yourself well, very well, to be a conduit of goodness you have become one of God's healing hearts.  You are also becoming a "hollow bone".  This is a term that a Lakota Sioux Medicine Chief named Fools Crow often used to describe holy people.  These people are clear and clean inside.  No obstructions.  You are not just a healer.  You are on the medicine path.  A path that purposefully leads to ever greater joy, wisdom and freedom.  I know, I know, I can hear you saying, "John, I am only your reflection", and this being true I am also your reflection.  The circle continues with the recognition and compliments coming back home to you.  Just say, "Thank you", to God for all of your remarkable talents.  

I have gratefully received the comprehensive physical balancing that you convey through the modality of "Jin Shin Do®" and wit your refined spiritual energy I have easily leapt into the depths and shallows of archetypal consciousness where with your clear and thorough guidance I have made wonderful strides in "hollowing the bone".  Many, many thanks.

Iris Boulton, Dartmouth, NS

Judy is a healer.  She treats the whole person: body, mind and spirit.  I tried other therapies with other professionals, but it was when I started acupressure that I experienced relief from my back and nerve pain.

I continue therapy to maintain pain-free status, while continuing to work on lesser symptoms such as stiffness.  In other words, to regain the balance I enjoyed before my injury.  Acupressure has taught me how closely related are the physical and the emotional.  The pressure points address the physical while relaxation techniques employed during our sessions remind me of my body's own ability to heal.

Judy listens.  As a client, I appreciate how well she hears what I am telling her about my symptoms.  She listens, and she responds accordingly, so that I get treatment specific to my concerns.  She teaches, always taking time as she works to explain what is going on and why.  Every session is a collaborative effort between the client and the practitioner, a model geared to optimize results.

I am pleased to say that I just competed in a 5K walk.  I had a strong finish and felt great.  I had participated in such events for four years prior to my back problems.  I credit Judy with getting me back on my feet, literally.

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